Welcome to Remdox

Remdox is networking the potential of markets, contacts, information and know how 

Real Estate Investments

  • REMDOX present an exceptional opportunity to invest in real estate assets
  • We know that real estate is one of the most important assets in a person's and investor´s portfolio and we are focus on it
  • We are specialist in full service real estate investment, real estate service and real estate development

What we can do for you in Remdox

Real Estate development

Real Estate Investment, Acquisition, Research

Build & Manage your own fund with Real Estate portfolio

Professional & Full service in International Real Estate transactions

Exclusive Exceptional Luxury Properties – division of Off-market transactions & research

Distressed and undervalued Real Estate Assets & Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

Our journey and success is base on WIN/WIN philosophy. All participants must WIN!


The Art of Real Estate Development in South Asia. Bespoke individual International Real Estate Services


Bringing the uniqueness & sustainability in each of our project with benefits to public and environment



Base on WIN / WIN philosophy in all what we do

Why us


We are enthusiastic developers, consultants who successfully collaborate with investors, clients, users and the government. We see cooperation as a long term continuing mutually beneficial strong partnership.


Creativity and innovation is the fundamental aspect of continuing the growth of REMDOX Real Estate companies. We create it, we do the concept, we help achieve success and create wealth for our clients.

Reliable & Responsibility

We are reliable and responsible. This we expecting from our present and future partners. We are transparent and all what we do combine with business acumen, soundness and durability. We create the environment for long term satisfaction for users, visitors, residents, investors, for all where we actually care about. For our investors , the long term satisfaction of end users and market our financial products means a sustainable ROI Return on their investments.


Sustainability is for us in REMDOX the long-term maintenance of our responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions. It is important constant quality in all what we do for you.