Looking for investment

REMDOX Development is actively seeking investment opportunities in real estate market
in Europe, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria

We are interesting in Real Estate Transactions – Off – Market

  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Distressed and Undervalued assets – properties
  • NPL´s / Non-Performing Loans
  • High Luxury, Exclusive properties

JV (Joint Venture) / JD (Joint Development)

We are also interesting in JV / JD Real Estate Development Projects in Sri Lanka, India, Maldives

Residential property

Housing projects, partments, Gated community, High Luxury Development

Commercial property

Mixed use development – Retail, Entertainment, F & B / Food & Beverages, Office Space

Tourist property

Hotels, resorts, hospitality & leisure (Midscale, Upscale sector)

Education sector

Scientific and research centers, educational institutions

Health care

Hospitals, clinics, private and public medical institutions

Energy & infrastructure sector

PPP projects with local authorities, governments (BOOT, BOT, DOT, TOT, PPP)

Interested in cooperation? Download our presentation for partners:

Remdox presentation for partners 2018

Contacts for Business & Cooperation

If you are interested in cooperation with REMDOX, please send us your SERIOUS & GENUINE PROPOSAL only by email

Contact for Asia-Pacific region:

Mr. Abhiraj Subramanium, regional investment director, asubramanium@remdox.com

Contact for Africa region:

Mr. Abdoulaye Malodio, regional investment director, amalodio@remdox.com

Contact for Europe region:

Mr. Martin Pokorny, regional investment director, mpokorny@remdox.com

Contact for USA region:

Mr. Mark Wood, regional investment director, mwood@remdox.com