Real Estate Investment projects in Maldives. We are bringing you opportunity to be a part of exceptional real estate investment projects in Maldives. Real Estate market in Maldives islands and atolls which we are focus on is Upscale hotels, resorts, commercial properties, mixed use development with retail zone, entertainment zone, A class office space, F & B / Food & Beverages, Apartments, High luxury Residences, Private Beach villas, Private islands. Other special real estate sector which we are targeting is Education and Health Care. All this real estate investment opportunities in Real Estate market in Maldives are base on our local present and knowing the Maldivien Property market in residential properties, commercial properties, high luxury properties, land acquisitions.

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 "5-star luxury beach villas resort" 


Private residences 

Karaniwan Private Residences 5-star

30 high luxury private villas, 5 super luxury villas,
5 star serviced 
property, Remdox rental program
All amenities & Full service.

Facilities include Spa & Wellness, Yoga centre,
Restaurants, Fitness center, Meditation centre

Total investment: 55 mil. USD

Open for EQUITY investment 

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Delivering peace of mind for property owners
Karaniwan Private Luxury Beach villas offers all the necessary criteria for long-term growth and attractive rental returns
Enjoys a year round tropical climate and has experienced a spectacular tourism boom
3 bedroom villa -built Up area 250 m2 (2.691 sqft) (price starts 1,25 mil. USD)  Total: 30 luxury villas
4 bedroom villa – built up area 400 m2 (4.307 sqft) (price starts 2,16 mil. USD) Total: 5 super luxury villas
Ownership of a villa is advantageous due to the investment-friendly business climate. An investment
in the Maldives is not only a lifestyle investment but is also free of capital gains and acquisition taxes.

Bespoke full services. For further information or to discuss your investment options in more detail, please contact
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We have other 3 islands ready for Private Villas or High End resort projects.
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Private Island for SALE

Price: 4,2 mil. USD



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Open for EQUITY investment 

Private island for SALE

Included the project for Resort 

Price: 3,5 mil. USD



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Open for EQUITY investment 

Private island

Open also for Joint Venture

Open for EQUITY investment 



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We can do for you:

Real Estate development 

Real Estate Investment, Acquisition, Research

Build & Manage your own fund with Real Estate portfolio 

Professional & Full service in International Real Estate transactions 

Focus on Leisure & Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Commercial properties

Exclusive Exceptional Luxury Properties – division of Off-market transactions & research 

Distressed and undervalued Real Estate Assets & Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

Our journey and success is based on WIN/WIN philosophy. All participants must WIN !

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