Because therefore if you will invest with us, it means that we have same philosophy, invest in indisputable estates,
and having something contained by hands, not only on papers or in virtual world ! "Real investment in Real World"

We are specialist in real estate investment and real estate development. Our company operates in 9 countries with 
roots in Europe. To create wealth and a better life for our residents, clients and high ROI for our investors is one of our main
goal, which we share and respect in Remdox corporation. 



Our managed portfolios  present an exceptional opportunity to invest in “real estate assets” at current valuations.  


Our Policy of Sustainable & Ecological responsible Investment seeks to ensure all our property developments balance the long-term social, economic and environmental needs of the people we work in with financial returns for our investors, public and private alike. 



Private Investors 

Private individual with investments or looking to invest with REMDOX Real Estate Corporation 


IFA, Advicer, Solicitor, Accountant, fund manager who is introducing or looking to introduce business 

Institutional Investors

Pension fund, banks, REIT, REIF, trustee or charity with investments or looking to invest with REMDOX corporate 

We build and manage your own portfolio with exceptional properties. 

REMDOX Real Estate companies are currently operating and presenting in 9 countries in 4 continents : 

Czech Rep., United Kingdom, Latvia, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Guinea Conakry, Cote d´Ivory, Australia 

♦ Professional real estate investment management 

♦ Local acquisition experts 

♦ Active management 

♦ Risk management

♦ Property management 

♦ Facility management 

♦ Strong governance 

♦ Regular reporting 

♦ International experienced team 

♦ Our investment process 


It starting with proper vision to bring something more than the buildings, bring the creation and identify the best real estate investment. We continuously searching the target markets, with focusing on emerging markets in South Asia and West Africa,  we are currently present in 9 countries,  we have the real relations and experiences with local authorities, governments, with local landowners, local supplier of some part of job and materials, have a excellent knowing of legal, taxation, FDI (Foreign direct investment) issues and solutions, have a local experienced team and other small details which definitely change big things.  From beginning until finished of construction and starts with operations and property management, facility management we take care for all details, because we know that all details make one great and sustainable kind of artwork, which will be bring high ROI (Return of Investment) to our investors and bringing great place for living, enjoying life or working to our tenant, users, residents. 


So we know that location is elementary. We identify it !  Develop the team include local experts.  


We do the due diligence and analyst team take over. Detailed evaluations of financialsrent rolls and other incomes.
How is the trends in rental rates and occupancies and physical inspection of the property


Exact working project management plan analysing all details, focus on time frame for future refinance or disposition opportunities.  So we got a clear picture and decide for next step with exact form of project (BOOT*-build operate own transfer, PPP-Public Private Partnership, JV-Joint Venture, JD-Joint Development, Our own projectetc.) accordingly we issue the LOI / non-binding letter of intent. We starting very deeply and this due diligence process, contracts being negotiated.  

We acquire bids on any costs and work that might be required. This will be prepared by our cost management taking care for cost accounting and make a costs schedule more clear.  

The information which we get during the due diligence porcess will confirm our business plan for the exact project and assure our original assumptions hold true. Our investors´interest are always at the forefront of our mindsAnd, if the deal doesn´t work, we walk away ! 


So if everything is clear and there aren´t no doubt, the project include the project realization documentation, designs, budget, time frame, all  is clear, the partners are known, the exact conditions are accepted by stakeholders, we can move forward to secure financing of the project and completing the acquisition of the asset.   

Realization part of the project with our nominated supervision team keep inform our management by reporting about the current development of the project.  Experienced international project management team coordinate all suppliements of materials, deliveries of technologies, construction, civil and other related works, QQC – Quality, Quantity control – thanks to our online project management software is supporting all parts, partners of the project by real valued informations, tasks and current progress of the works, all what we are doing, we focus on details. The project cycle is in  progress according to the realization, time and costs plans, still control by project management.  

Final stage is well done, include the revisions and testing period, legal requirements to certify the buildings , structure, completion of final project. REMDOX execute management plan to add value by establishing  SPV (special propose vehicle) with REMDOX Property Management and also taking care by REMDOX facility management team for all facilities of the property include the preventive service agreements and maintanance the assets. Our experience of property management and marketing  taking care to maximize the potentional returns to our investment partners.  


We build brands, relations and better tomorrow today ! 


According to each project needs we identify sources and prepare exact business plan. Case by case. So this are the general
things, which we keep mandatory !


To discuss our investment process further with one of our investment managers please call us on +44 (0) 20 8123 8797 
or e-mail 
us directly to Mr. Niklaus Petersons, CIO, email: npetersons@remdox.com. 


Suppliers, potential investors in the shares of REMDOX Investment Management Ltd., potential employee, potentional partners, 
contractors, landowner, member of the public, don´t hesitate to contact us SOLELY by email: contact@remdox.com 
Thank you, we will reply you within 5 working days.



*The umbrella term BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) includes a range of different models such as 
BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer), TOT (Transfer, Operate, Transfer), BOO (Build, Own, Operate), 
DOT (Design, Operate, Transfer) etc.  Arrangements like these can be used to acquire private
capital to invest in new plants (or with TOT, to purchase existing plants).


Commitment to Results. REMDOX 

Our journey and success is base on WIN/WIN philosophy. All participants must WIN !

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