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 The Applicant hereby irrevocably agrees as follows
1) The applicant hereby warrants that:
i) he has attained 18 years of age;
ii) he is experienced in business matters and recognises that the investment
is a speculative venture and has itself no history of operations or earnings;
iii) he recognises that there is no established market for interest in the Company,
that it is not expected that there will be such a market at any time, that the
transferability of such interests is restricted, and that he may have difficulty
in selling his investment or in obtaining reliable information about its value;
iv) he is investing in the Company on his own account; or if a corporation, partnership,
unincorporated association or other entity, the Applicant has full power and authority
to execute this Application Form and to take all actions required pursuant thereto
and has obtained all necessary approvals of directors, shareholders, partners,
members, or otherwise with respect thereto;
v) he has the financial ability to bear the economic risk of his investment, has adequate
means for providing for his current needs and possible contingencies and has no
need for liquidity of his investment in the Company;
vi) he is aware of the aims and objective of the Company and the nature of its activities;
vii) he is a person to whom a Information Memorandum may lawfully be distributed without
contravention of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, United Kingdom.

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